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Whatsapp Marketing Services 2019

When you talk about WhatsApp marketing services and other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin that used for marketing immediately your mind goes to WhatsApp marketing services. It is like an application that is used for chatting and live video Calling.

if I talk more about whatsapp…

WhatsApp Marketing services is a free mobile application that consumes your phone’s internet connection to let you chat with other users, without SMS text message charges. The application also helps you share files and images and use free voice and video calls.

Its support for a large range of phones has created it particularly popular in areas with high SMS charges, together with Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia—where 60 % of the population uses WhatsApp.

In fact, it’s the most fashionable alternative to SMS in 109 countries or 55.6 % of the globe.

How we can Use Whatsapp:

1-One-to-one chat with other WhatsApp members
2-Broadcast lists
4-Video Calling

The big question comes in every mind…

Why should you use WhatsApp Marketing Services for business?

Whatsapp Marketing Services
Whatsapp Marketing Services

The great reason to use WhatsApp for business is that millions of people are already using Whatsapp already. up to

60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp per day.

If your customers and prospects are young, they’re a lot of doubtless to be comfortable using electronic communication apps for his or her regular communication.

A study by Pew research facility shows that 42 % of smartphone homeowners between eighteen and twenty-nine years previous use electronic communication apps like WhatsApp, compared with only nineteen per cent of smartphone homeowners who square measure 50 or older.

While it was a campaign report—with 112 conversations taking place—31% of the chats resulted in store visits and 61% converted to website traffic.