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PPC Management Company India

PPC is known as Pay Per Click which is a form of paid advertisement provided by Google. Our PPC Management Company India starts with the aim to use PPC advertising to generate clicks to your sites.

Few search engines like google, bing provide ad facility to his search result.

when you type any query in search engine what you find..

you saw some ads at the top or bottom of the site if a form of search ads or display ads and video ads.

when anyone clicks on that ads then cost of per click ads has to pay Google for each and every click.

In recent time PPC is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic or lead for your business.

few other practices like Search Engine optimization technique take too much time to show on the organic result in google. it may take few months and rare cases it may take one year to be rank in google.

Our Company Pixalsweb offers whole PPC services that will help you to grab your goals in a cost-effective way.

Few services in PPC Management Company India:

PPC Management Company India
PPC Management Company India

Google Adwords:

with respect to, Google undertakes two- third of the organic searches.
Google AdWords helps
you to find keyword research and help to exact targeting and your existing SEO Strategies.

Google Adwords placed your ads like this that anyone can easily access and view your ads.

After Proper Research we make a campaign and putting all necessary information related to business and creative design the campaign so that you can get the most benefit out of it.

We also focus on tracking your campaigns impressions, clicks, and conversions, and provide you with weekly/monthly reports.

Types of PPC Managment Services advertising

Bing Advertising :

why choose to be rather than your advertising with Google. Bing additionally provides superb ad listings. the rest one-third of the searches are done on Bing, that is not any less.

We produce and track your Bing campaign to drive the simplest impressions, keyword performance, clicks, and conversions.

Shopping Ads Management:

Google and Bing both are provide shopping ads facilities. your combine and individual product are shown above and below the organic listing. sometimes it is shown to the left and right side of the search result.

E-Commerce retailers must choose shopping events and programs. Growth is higher in paid result in a short time besides free advertisement.

our company will help you get started with the shopping ads. From product feed creation to optimizing and targeting the services, we take care of everything for you.


Remarketing can easily be understood by E-commerce. it is the most sensitive tactics to use while marketing your business.

when you visit websites like Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay, etc. and visit some pages there. after leaving the site where ever you will go they will follow you and show your ads.

This ads form can be display ads, search ads or banner ads.

Pixalsweb will help you to retarget your audience and make sure of getting a good result for you.

Display Ads:

Display ads have an associate huge reach and are one among the simplest ways in which to advertise. It involves pictures, videos, GIFs, or audios to assist communicate along with your audience.

The Google show Network (GDN) permits you to show your ads on its partner sites in keeping with the category and needs.

Our company knows the value of your hard earning money what you earn and provide with you best we can. we provide you…

1-Conversion Tracking
2-Google Search and Display Networks
3-Monthly Calls and Reporting
4-Landing Page Optimization Recommendations
5-Manual Bid Management within Google AdWords
6-Keyword Research
7-Account Structure/Restructure
8-Text Ad Optimization
10-Campaign Level Reporting
11-Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account